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Whether you're able to donate financial support, time, or equipment, every little bit helps. TXDL is able to continue offering more and more classes to talented youth from diverse background across Toronto because of the support of donors just like you. Please give today so we are able to offer technology education to every youth across Toronto who is looking to get started in their tech careers.


Financial support from donors like you allows TXDL to expand its program offerings. Donate today and help TXDL teach tech skills to diverse youth across Toronto.


TXDL has been blessed to have the support of our many volunteers. It’s a lot of work to run TXDL. If you have time to donate, we’d love to have you on the team.


TXDL’s programs would not have been possible without the donation of computers, software, monitors, etc. If you have a computer you don’t need, we’ve got a use for it.