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TXDL (Techsdale), a registered non-profit agency; is a youth mentorship and development program with a twofold purpose: to give young individuals from diverse backgrounds the skills and experience necessary to find entry into the gaming and tech industries. TXDL’s goal is also To channel this development directly into employment and internships for our program graduates.

Drawing from the expertise of mentors across multiple professional disciplines, we employ a team-based learning model to help young people combine their voices, imagination, and experience with the skills necessary to become content creators and effect positive change in the world of tech.

For youth interested in the tech industry, the path can be challenging when navigating a marginalized background. Developing the necessary skills is prohibitively expensive, between tuition, equipment and travel. Youth in transition often have no affordable way to pursue their passion. We aim to eliminate these barriers. Through TXDL, we’re making a firm commitment to open the doors to jobs, careers, and professional networks. The key to achieving this outcome is to provide training that leads to hands-on-experience, industry connections through mentorship and exposure, building portfolios of work, and using young people’s passion to help them develop in-demand skills.